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Crum, W. E. (Walter Ewing), 1865-1944; Petrie, W. M. Flinders (William Matthew Flinders), Sir, 1853-1942. Coptic manuscripts brought from the Fayyum by W.M. Flinders Petrie ... together with a papyrus in the Bodleian library. 1893. (Book) [more]
Cruz Uribe, Eugene. Demotic Graffiti from the Wadi Hammamat. 2001. (Website) [more]
Cruz Uribe, Eugene. The Persian Presence at Qasr el-Ghuieta.. 2001. (Website) [more]
Cruz-Uribe, Eugene. Eugene Cruz-Uribe, Ph.D. "The Egypt Guy". (Website) [more]
Cuartero i Iborra, Francesc Josep. Mythographus Homericus: estudi i edició comentada. 2007. (Book) [more]
Cueva, Covadonga Sevilla. "Egypt and Spanish Music at the Beginning of the Twentieth Century: ''La Corte de Faraón''". ENCOUNTERS WITH ANCIENT EGYPT, 2000. (Presentation) [more]
Cuffey, Kenneth H.. "Remnant, Redactor, and Prophet" Coherence in Micah and the Twelve: A Comparative Study. (Article) [more]
Cullen, H. M., P.B. deMenocal, S. Hemming, G. Hemming, F. H. Brown, T. Guilderson, F. Sirocko. Climate change and the collapse of the Akkadian empire: Evidence from the deep sea. Geology, 28: 379-382, 2000. (Article) [more]
Culley, Robert C.. Oral Tradition and the OT: Some Recent Discussion. Semeia. (Article) [more]
Culley, Robert C.. Themes and Variations in Three Groups of OT Narratives. Semeia. (Article) [more]
Cunchillos Ilarri, Jesús-Luis. Curriculum abreviado. 1999. (Website) [more]
Cunchillos Ilarri, Jesús-Luis. Curriculum abreviado de Jesús-Luis Cunchillos Ilarri. (Website) [more]
Cunchillos, J.-L. ; Cervigon, R. Palabras y Géneros. Sapanu: Publicaciones en Internet VII, July 2004. (Book) [more]
Cunchillos, J.-L. APERTURA OFICIAL DEL CONGRESO. Sapanu. Publicaciones en Internet II (1998). (Article) [more]
Cunchillos, J.-L. ; J. M. Galán; J.-A. Zamora; S. Villanueva. Actas del I Congreso Español de Antiguo Oriente Próximo: « EL MEDITERRÁNEO EN LA ANTIGÜEDAD: ORIENTE Y OCCIDENTE ». Sapanu. Publicaciones en Internet II (1998). (Book) [more]
Cunchillos, J.-L., Galán, J. M. and Zamora, J.-Á.. Banco de Datos Filológicos Semíticos Noroccidentales: Sapanu: Publicaciones en Internet: Noticias. [more]
Cunchillos, J.-L., Galán, J. M. and Zamora, J.-Á.. Banco de Datos Filológicos Semíticos Noroccidentales: Sapanu: Publicaciones en Internet: Ugarit. [more]
Cunchillos, J.-L.; J.-A. Zamora; J.-P. Vita (eds.). Laboratorio de Hermeneumática: Directorio. Sapanu. Publicaciones en Internet III-IV (1999-2000). (Book) [more]
Cunchillos, J.-L.; Vita, J.-P; Zamora, J.-A. A Concordance of Ugaritic Words (CUW). Sapanu: Publicaciones en Internet. (Website) [more]
Cunchillos, Jesús Luis; José Angel Zamora. Restituyentes y restituibles: La restitución textual en el BDFSN. Studi Epigrafici e Linguistici sul Vicino Oriente Antico (SEL). (Article) [more]
Cunchillos, Jesús-Luis. ORGANIZACIÓN, RESULTADOS Y EXPECTATIVAS DEL. Sapanu. Publicaciones en Internet II (1998). (Article) [more]
Cuneiform Circle. Old Babylonian Text Corpus. (Website) [more]
Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI). Ur III Month Names. Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI). (Website) [more]
Cunningham, Graham. The syntax of Sumerian multiword verbs. Syntax of the World's Languages (SWL 1): Leipzig (Germany), 5-8 August 2004, 2004. (Article) [more]
Current Anthropology. Home Page of Current Anthropology. (Journal) [more]
Curschmann, Dieter. Griechische Verwaltungsurkunden. Papyri Iandanae, 2003. (Book) [more]
Curtis, J. E. "Report on Meeting at Babylon 11th - 13th December 2004". 2005. (Presentation) [more]
Curtis, William Eleroy ; Curtis, Elsie Evans. To-day in Syria and Palestine. (Book) [more]
Curtius, Ernst. Die Akropolis von Athen. Google Books, 1844. (Book) [more]
Curtius, Ernst. Die Altäre von Olympia. 1882. (Book) [more]
Curtius, Ernst (Hrsg.); Kaupert, Johann A. (Hrsg.). Karten von Attika: Uebersichts- oder Gesammt-Karte von Attika. 1990. (Book) [more]
Curto, Silvio. Obituary: Claudia Dolzani (1911-1997). (Article) [more]
Curvers, Hans. Archaeology of the Future. 1995. (Article) [more]
Curvers, Hans and Barbara Stuart. Urban Archeology in Beirut: A Preliminary Report. 1995. (Article) [more]
Cyprus. The Cyprus Home Page. (Website) [more]
Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute [CAARI]. Home Page of Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute [CAARI]. (Website) [more]
Czerniak, Lech; Kwiatkowska, Monika; Marciniak, Arkadiusz; Pyzel, Joanna. The excavations of the TP (Team Poznan) Area in the 2001 season. ÇATALHÖYÜK 2001 ARCHIVE REPORT. (Article) [more]
Czichon, Rainer Maria. Die hethitische Kultur im Mittleren Schwarzmeergebiet unter besonderer Berücksichtigung der Umgebung von Vezirköprü. Paper presented at the VI. Internationales Colloquium der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaftin Zusammenarbeit mit dem Lehrstuhl für Altorientalistik, Institut für Altertumswissenschaften und demWürzburger Zentrum für Altertumswissenschaften der Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg22.-24. März 2006. (Article) [more]