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Binder, Donald D.. Second Temple Synagogues. (Website) [more]
Binder, Donald D.. Second Temple Synagogues. (Website) [more]
Binkley, Roberta. Enheduanna. 1999. (Website) [more]
The Bioanthropology Foundation. Home Page of The Bioanthropology Foundation. (Website) [more]
The Bir Umm Fawakhir Survey. Reports of The Bir Umm Fawakhir Survey. (Website) [more]
Birkstam, Bengt. Given Life Life Re Eternally - A Royal Epitheton. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis - BOREAS: Uppsala Studies in Ancient Mediterranean and Near Eastern Civilizations, 1974. (Article) [more]
Birkstam, Bengt. Given Life Like Re Eternallly - A Royal Epitheton. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis - BOREAS, 1974. (Article) [more]
Birnhack, Michael [Translated by]. THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS. The Israeli Supreme Court Watch. [more]
Birzeit University. Home Page of Birzeit University. (Website) [more]
Birzeit University. Palestinian Institute of Archeology. (Website) [more]
Bitelli, G.; V. A. Girelli, M. A. Tini, L. Vittuari. Low-Height Aerial Imagery and Digital Photogrammetrical Processing for Archaeological Mapping. Geo-Imagery Bridging Continents, XXth ISPRS Congress, 12-23 July 2004. (Article) [more]
Björkman, Gun. A Funerary Statuette of Hekaemsaf, Chief of the Royal Ships in the Saitic Period. Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis - BOREAS, 1974. (Article) [more]
The Black Sea Project, Universty of Pennsylvania Museum. Home Page of The Black Sea Project, Universty of Pennsylvania Museum. (Website) [more]
Black, Jeremy; Zólyomi, Gábor. The Study of Diachronic and Synchronic Variation in Sumerian. 1993. (Article) [more]
Blackham, Mark, 1949-. Constructing regional histories: time and transition in the southern Levant (5500-3500 BC). Canadian theses = Thèses canadiennes, [1999]. (Book) [more]
Blackman, David J.. "Review Article: Is Maritime Archaeology on Course?". American Journal of Archaeology, 2000. (Book Review) [more]
Blackwell''s Online Bookshop. Home Page of Blackwell''s Online Bookshop. (Website) [more]
Blackwell, Christopher; Gregory Crane; Helma Dik; Catherine Mardikes; Charlotte Roueché; Jeff Rydberg-Cox; Ross Scaife, Neel Smith. Classics in the Million Book Library. (Article) [more]
Blake, Corrine. Teaching Islamic Civilization with Information Technology. The Journal for MultiMediaHistory, 1998. (Article) [more]
Blampied, H. With a Highland regiment in Mesopotamia, 1916-1917. Göttinger Digitalisierungszentrum. (Book) [more]
Blanchette, Robert A., John E. Haight, Robert J. Koestler, Pamela B. Hatchfield, & Dorothea Arnold. Assessment of Deterioration in Archaeological Wood from Ancient Egypt. The Journal of the American Institute for Conservation. (Article) [more]
Blau, S. and Beech, M. "One woman and her dog: An Umm an-Nar example from the United Arab Emirates". In: Arabian Archaeology and Epigraphy 10: 34-42. (Chapter) [more]
Blázquez, J.M.. ÚLTIMAS APORTACIONES A LOS ORÍGENES DE LA COLONIZACIÓN FENICIA DE OCCIDENTE. Sapanu. Publicaciones en Internet II (1998). (Article) [more]
Bledstein, Adrien Janis. Home Page of Adrien Janis Bledstein. 2000. (Website) [more]
Bloedow, Edmund F.. "Review of Archaeologie und historische Erinnerung: Nach 100 Jahren Heinrich Schliemann". Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews, 1994. (Book Review) [more]
Bloedow, Edmund F.. "Review of Ein neuer Kampf um Troia. Archaeologie in der Krise". Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews, 1995. (Book Review) [more]
Bloedow, Edmund F.. "Review of Heinrich Schliemann. Archaeologe und Abenteurer". Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews, 1997. (Book Review) [more]
Bloedow, Edmund F.. "Review of Schliemann of Troy: Treasure and Deceit". Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews, 1996. (Book Review) [more]
Blount, Henry. A Voyage Into The Levant. (Book) [more]
Blue Letter Bible. Home Page of Blue Letter Bible. (Website) [more]
Bluett, Antony. With Our Army in Palestine. Project Gutenberg, 2006. (Book) [more]
Blume, Fred H.; Kearley, Timothy. Annotated Justinian Code. 2008. (Website) [more]
Blumt, Orly. The illicit antiquities trade: an analysis of current antiquities looting in Israel. Culture Without Context: The Newsletter of the Illicit Antiquities Research Centre, 2004. (Article) [more]
Boardman, John. Classical Phoenician Scarab Corpus. 2002. (Website) [more]
Boccaccini, Gabriele. GABRIELE BOCCACCINI. (Website) [more]
Boda, Mark J.. Oil, Crowns and Thrones: Prophet, Priest and King in Zechariah 1:7-6:15. Journal of Hebrew Scriptures, 2000-2001. (Article) [more]
Boda, Mark J.. "Review of Chronicles and Exodus: An Analogy and its Application (JSOTSup 275)". Review of Biblical Literature. (Book Review) [more]
Bodard, Gabriel; Tom Elliott; Francisca Feraudi-Gruénais; Julia Lougovaya; Charlotte Tupman [Eds.]. Current Epigraphy. (Blog) [more]
Bodega Barahona, Fernando. EL SICLO DE URUKAGINA. Sapanu. Publicaciones en Internet II (1998). (Article) [more]
Bodi, Daniel. Outraging the Resident-Alien. Ugarit-Forschungen (2003) 29-56. (Article) [more]
Bodsworth, Jon. The Egypt Archive. (Website) [more]
Bogdanos, Matthew. The Casualties of War: The Truth about the Iraq Museum. American Journal of Archaeology, 109, 3 (July 2005), 2005. (Article) [more]
Boge, Herbert. Die Entzifferung griechischer Tachygraphie auf Papyri und Wachstafeln. Kurzberichte aus den Giessener Papyrussammlungen, 2003. (Book) [more]
Bohak, Gideon. "Review of Diasporas in Antiquity". IOUDAIOS Review, 1994. (Book Review) [more]
Bohak, Gideon. "Review of From Death to Life: Conversion in Joseph and Aseneth". IOUDAIOS Review, 1995. (Book Review) [more]
Böhler, D.. Jesus als Davidssohn bei Lukas und Micha. Biblica, 1998. (Article) [more]
Böhler, D.. Jesus als Davidssohn bei Lukas und Micha. Biblica, 1998. (Article) [more]
Bohrer, Frederick N. "Orientalism and Visual Culture". Sample chapter from Orientalism and Visual Culture. Author: Frederick N. Bohrer. ISBN: 0521806577, 2001. (Chapter) [more]
Boissier, Alfred. Choix de texts Relatifs a la Divination Assyro-Babylonienne. ETANA, 1905. (Book) [more]
Boissier, Alfred. Documents Assyriens Relatifs aux Presages. ETANA, 1905. (Book) [more]
Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers. Home Page of Bolchazy-Carducci. (Website) [more]
Bolin, Thomas. "Review of Archaeology and Biblical Interpretation". Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews, 1997. (Book Review) [more]
Bolshakov, Andrey O. Arrangement of Murals as a Principle of Old Kingdom Tomb Decoration. Internet-Beiträge zur Ägyptologie und Sudanarchäologie Vol. 6 (IBAES 6): Dekorierte Grabanlagen im Alten Reich Methodik und Interpretation. (Article) [more]
Bommas, Martin. Der Tempel des Chnum der 18. Dyn. auf Elephantine. Propylaeum-DOK: Publikationsplatform Altertumswissenschaft, 2000. (Book) [more]
Bonechi, Marco. Resources for Ancient Near Eastern Studies. 2000. (Website) [more]
Bonnet, Corrine. De l'histoire des mentalités à l'histoire des religions: à propos de Leucothea et de trois petits cochons. Studi Epigrafici e Linguistici sul Vicino Oriente Antico (SEL). (Article) [more]
Bontty, M. "Review of Village Life in Ancient Egypt: Laundry Lists and Love Songs". Bryn Mawr Classical Reviews, 2000. (Book Review) [more]
Booij, Th.. Psalm 119,89-91. Biblica, 1998. (Article) [more]
Booij, Th.. Psalm 127,2b: a Return to Martin Luther. Biblica, 2000. (Article) [more]
Bordreuil, Pierre; Pardee, Dennis. Géographie du Royaume d'Ougarit. Royaume d'Ougarit. (Article) [more]
Bordreuil, Pierre; Pardee, Dennis. Introduction : Le Royaume d’Ougarit. Royaume d'Ougarit. (Article) [more]
Borza, Eugene N.. "Alexander’s Epic March". Archaeology, 1998. (Book Review) [more]
Bose, Sudip. Realms of Silver and Gold: The Art of the Thracians. Archaeology Odyssey, 2000. (Article) [more]
Boshoff, Willem. "Review of Religion and culture in ancient Israel". Journal of Northwest Semitic Languages, 1995. (Book Review) [more]
Boston University: Center for Remote Sensing. Home Page of Boston University: Center for Remote Sensing. (Website) [more]
Boswinkel, Ernst. Weitere griechische Texte aus Giessen - ein Bericht über die Zusammenarbeit Giessen - Leiden 1960 - 1967. Kurzberichte aus den Giessener Papyrussammlungen, 2003. (Book) [more]
Bothmer, B. V.. Amenhotep II - Restored. BMFA, 1954. (Article) [more]
Bothmer, B. V.. The Dwarf as Bearer. BMFA, 1949. (Article) [more]