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Centuries of Darkness. 2000-. (Website) [more]
Chicago House to restore ancient Egyptian temple 15feb96 photo. [more]
Classics Ireland. 1994 -. (Journal) [more]
Classics Research Network. Social Science Research Network, 2009 -. (Website) [more]
Classics@. (Journal) [more]
Coins from ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine periods. ATLA Cooperative Digital Resources Collection, 2003. (Website) [more]
Comptes-rendus des séances de l'Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres. Persée, le portail de revues scientifiques en sciences humaines et sociales. (Journal) [more]
Coptic Cairo. 2008. (Website) [more]
Coptic Museum. (Website) [more]
Corpus of Ancient Mesopotamian Scholarship (CAMS). The Cuneiform Digital Library, 2007 -. (Website) [more]
Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. 2004-. (Website) [more]
Cultural Heritage Resource. 2008 -. (Website) [more]
Cuneiform Digital Library Bulletin (CDLB). Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI), 2003-. (Journal) [more]
Cuneiform Digital Library Journal (CDLJ). Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI), 2002-. (Journal) [more]
Cuneiform Digital Library Notes (CDLN). Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI), 2003-. (Journal) [more]
Cuneiforme. 2001. (Website) [more]