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Altman, Rochelle I. S. Writing Systems and Manuscripts. (Article) [more]
Altman, Rochelle I. S. The Writing World of the Dead Sea Scrolls. (Article) [more]
Ben-Ami, Yaron. The Enigma of Qumran. The Bible and Interpretation, October 2004. (Article) [more]
Chambon, Alain. Alain CHAMBON. (Website) [more]
Doudna, Greg. Palaeography and the dating of Individual Qumran Manuscripts. Reprinted from G. Doudna, 4Q Pesher Nahum: A Critical Edition (Sheffield: Sheffield Academic Press, 2001), 675-682. Reproduced by kind permission of Continuum International Publishing Group. (Article) [more]
Doudna, Gregory L. 4Q Pesher Nahum and the Teacher of Righteousnes. The Bible and Interpretation. (Article) [more]
Golb, Norman. Home Page of Norman Golb. (Website) [more]
Golb, Norman. Museum Exhibitions Intensify Controversy Over Dead Sea Scrolls. reprinted from The Aspen Institute Quarterly, Spring 1994, v. 6:2 pp. 79-98, 2007-. (Article) [more]
Golb, Norman. The Qumran-Essene Theory And Recent Strategies Employed In Its Defense. THE DEAD SEA SCROLLS PROJECT, 2007. (Article) [more]
Goranson, Stephen. Jannaeus, His Brother Absalom, and Judah the Essene. 3 Aug. 2005. (Article) [more]
Gunneweg, Jan. Qumran Science. 2003. (Website) [more]
Humbert, Jean-Baptiste. Jean-Baptiste HUMBERT. (Website) [more]
Lundberg, Marilyn and Bruce Zuckerman. New Aramaic Fragments from Qumran Cave One*. The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon (CAL) Newsletter, 1996. (Article) [more]
Magen, Yitzhak; Peleg, Yuval. The Qumran Excavations, 1993-2004: Preliminary Report. 2007. (Article) [more]
Magness, Jodi. The Archaeology of Qumran and the Dead Sea Scrolls. The Bible and Interpretation. (Article) [more]
Pfann, Stephen J. Stephen J. PFANN. (Website) [more]
Sparavigna, Amelia. Digital Restoration of Ancient Papyri. (Article) [more]
Tigay, Jeffrey H. Examination of the Accused Bride in 4Q159: Forensic Medicine at Qumran. Journal of the Ancient Near Eastern Society of Columbia University 22 (Festschrift for Yohanan Muffs), ed. E.L. Greenstein and D. Marcus, pp. 129-134. (Article) [more]
Zias, Joe. The Cemeteries of Qumran, Celibacy: Confusion Laid to Rest?. From: Dead Sea Discoveries 7 (2000): pp. 220-253. (Article) [more]
Zuckerman, Bruce; Reed, Stephen A. A Fragment of an Unstudied Column of 11 QtgJob: A Preliminary Report. The Comprehensive Aramaic Lexicon (CAL) Newsletter, 1996. (Article) [more]