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The Bible Tool. (Website) [more] (Website) [more]
Scholiastae. (Website) [more]
Septuaginta. 2007. (Book) [more]
Trismegistos. (Website) [more]
Virtual Manuscript Room. 2009-. (Website) [more]
Baldwin, Barry. Ancient Science Fiction. ShatterColors Literary Review. (Article) [more]
Baldwin, Barry. Classical Swearing: A Vade-Mecum. ShatterColors Literary Review. (Article) [more]
Benaissa, A. Rural Settlements of the Oxyrynchite Nome. A Papyrological Survey, Version 1.0 (August 2009). Trismegistos Online Publications (TOP), Nov-09. (Book) [more]
Blackwell, Christopher; Gregory Crane; Helma Dik; Catherine Mardikes; Charlotte Roueché; Jeff Rydberg-Cox; Ross Scaife, Neel Smith. Classics in the Million Book Library. (Article) [more]
Bodard, Gabriel; Tom Elliott; Francisca Feraudi-Gruénais; Julia Lougovaya; Charlotte Tupman [Eds.]. Current Epigraphy. (Blog) [more]
Cavigneaux, Antoine. Les Graeco-Babyloniaca. Journée EDOCSA. (Article) [more]
Clarysse, Willy. Leuven Database of Ancient Books. (Website) [more]
Dakyns, Henry Graham, 1838-1911 [Translator]. Anabasis by Xenophon. Project Gutenberg, 2006. (Book) [more]
Fraser, Bruce L. The Clause Start in Ancient Greek: Focus and the Second Position. Glotta 77.3-4, 2001 (2003), 138-177. (Article) [more]
Fraser, Bruce L. Consider the Lilies: Prolepsis and the Development of Complementation. Glotta 77.1-2, 2001 (2003), 7-37. (Article) [more]
Fraser, Bruce L. A Poetry Map for LSJ. (Article) [more]
Fraser, Bruce L. Word Order in Greek Stichic Verse: Subject, Verb, and Object. Glotta 78.1-4, 2002 (2004), 51-101. (Article) [more]
Fraser, P. M. and Matthews, E. A Lexicon of Greek Personal Names. (Website) [more]
Hägedorn, Dieter; unter anfänglicher Mithilfe von Pia Breit, Wolfgang Habermann, Ursula Hagedorn, Bärbel Kramer, Gertrud Marohn, Jörn Salewski. WörterListen aus den Registern von Publikationen griechischer und lateinischer dokumentarischer Papyri uns Ostraka.. 2010. (Book) [more]
Heslin, Peter J. Diogenes. [more]
Hombert, Marcel. Projets de bibliographie papyrologique (1932). Reproduit de: Chronique d'Égypte 7 (1932) No. 13, pp. 227-236. (Article) [more]
Huys, Marc; Schmid, Thomas. CMP Catalogue of Mythographic Papyri. 2001. (Website) [more]
Huys, Marc; Schmid, Thomas; Nodar, Alberto; Colomo, Daniela. CPP Catalogue of Paraliterary Papyri. (Website) [more]
Jouguet, Pierre, 1869-1949; Collart, Paul, 1902-; Lesquier, Jean, 1879-1921. Papyrus de Magdola. 1912. (Book) [more]
Kam, Gisela. Guide to Greek Usage in Cataloging. (Website) [more]