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Proyecto Sen-En-Mut / Sen-En-Mut

"The ''Instituto de Estudios del Antiguo Egipto'' (I.E.A.E.) is a non-profit scientific institution, established in Madrid in June 1997, devoted to the investigation, preservation, conservation and divulgation of the Ancient Egypt heritage. In pursuance of one of the main aims for which it was founded, the I.E.A.E. has been particularly involved, since its beginning, in the tasks of conservation of the archaeological heritage of the Ancient Egypt cultures. In the development of these tasks, the I.E.A.E. has conceived, subject to the invitation of the competent authorities, the elaboration of a project of adaptation and presentation of one of the most outstanding monument amongst the private tombs located in the necropolis of the ancient city of Thebes (Luxor). We are talking about the TT 353, one of the two monuments that the chief architect of Queen Hatshepsut (1473 - 1458 b.C.) made himself excavate. Discovered by Herbert Winlock in January 1927, and located in the outer part of the northeastern corner of Queen Hatshepsut''s temple in Deir el Bahari, the hypogeum was thoroughly cleaned-up and published by Peter Dorman in 1991. The monument has values of extreme archaeological importance, not only for its present-day excellent condition of conservation, but for being the evidence of one of the most important monuments of the Egyptian history during the New Empire..."

Format:  Website
Publisher:  Instituto de Estudios del Antiguo Egipto (I.E.A.E.)
Publication City:  Madrid