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Ancient Greek Costume [Bibliography]

Website associates with the published volumes: Linda Jones Roccos, Ancient Greek Costume: An Annotated Bibliography, 1784-2005. Jefferson, NC: McFarland and Co., 2006. Pp. 175. ISBN 0-7864-2274-4. $39.95 (pb). This volume was reviews in BMCR: 23.html :"... R ends her introductory remarks with the hope "that this bibliography will contribute to the growing interest in the subject" (p. 16), which it certainly will. On the other hand, it is worth asking whether the printed volume represents an improvement over the electronic version that inspired it. Certainly the annotations and navigational tools are welcome additions (though sub-categories for lengthy index entries would have been useful). Yet, as the author herself admits, the volume is already out of date. An electronic resource would have been infinitely expandable and searchable, which the printed version is not. The published volume is likewise riddled with typos and errors in editing, some benign (misspellings, inconsistent use of fonts), some more unfortunate (the annotation for #315 is missing; an index entry for "wig" [#164] in fact refers to twigs!). At nearly $40.00 for a paperbound book with no images, one wonders whether the scholarly community might have been better served by an expanded version of the original electronic publication..."

Author(s):  Roccos, Linda Jones
Format:  Website
Publisher:  College of Staten Island Library, City University of New York
Publication City:  New York