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Animal Remains from Tell Asmar

"Since no animal remains whatever from ancient Mesopotamian sites have hitherto been subjected to scientific investigation, the present collection of such material from Tell Asmar, despite the not altogether favorable state of preservation of some of the pieces, assumes a very special significance that calls for a particularly careful study. The results presented here, though they may be as yet rather incomplete, serve to show what contributions may be expected for science, that is, for zoology, archaeology, cultural history, and the history of the domestication of animals, from remains hitherto considered little if at all by archeologists, if in the future the collection of such material, which undoubtedly is capable of giving important information in many directions, is continued. It is hoped that in this respect Henri Frankfort's example of carefully gathering the animal remains at Tell Asmar and making them available for scientific investigation will prove trail-blazing."

Author(s):  Hilzheimer, Max, translated by Adolph A. Brux
Format:  Book
Publisher:  The University of Chicago Press
Publication City:  Chicago
Date:  1941
Series:  Studies in Ancient Oriental Civilization 20