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A Repertoire of Byzantine "Beneficial Tales"

"Basically this Repertoire consists of one very large file (NAU.01) containing abstracts of almost a thousand tales (narrationes animae utiles -- pace Halkin, hence NAU.) There is a preface to the work (NAU.PRF) and a series of indices to the main file: a general index (NAU.IND) an index of names (NAU.NP), of biblical quotations (NAU.CIT), an index graecitatis (NAU.GK) and an index of authors and sources (NAU.A&S). For bibliography see NAU.BBL.There is a list of the commonly used abbreviations at the beginning of NAU.01 and others may be found in the Bibliography.It is assumed that persons using this Reperoire will have to hand Bibliotheca Hagiographica Graeca, ed. François Halkin, third edition, Brussels 1957 (Subsidia Hagiographica N° 8a) andNovum auctarium Bibliothecae Hagiographicae Graecae, Brussels1984 (Subsidia Hagiographica N° 65) -- to which reference is frequently made."

Author(s):  Wortley, John
Format:  Website