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Annotated Justinian Code

"From about 1920 to 1952, Fred H. Blume, attorney and Wyoming Supreme Court Justice,worked alone in his spare time to produce a massive, annotated English translation ofJustinian’s Code. His hopes of seeing it published during his lifetime never came tofruition. Blume also translated Justinian’s Novels into English during the same period,but they, too, remained unpublished. This web site is dedicated primarily to housing anedited, electronic version of Justice Blume’s magnum opus--what he referred to as hisANNOTATED JUSTINIAN CODE. It also contains his translation of the Novels and othermaterials related to Justice Blume’s Roman law work, but it does not attempt to be aportal for research on the Code or Roman law in general."

Author(s):  Blume, Fred H.; Kearley, Timothy
Format:  Website
Publisher:  University of Wyoming College of Law
Date:  2008