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Past, Present and Future of the Landscape in the Land of King Midas: Gordion, Turkey

"Gordion was the capital of ancient Phrygia and reputed home of King Midas (c. 700 B.C.). Its monuments include the Midas Mound (Tumulus MM), over a hundred smaller burial mounds, and the ancient city of Gordion itself. Studies of the modern forest and steppe vegetation suggest how ancient people may have used different areas within the landscape. Plant remains recovered from the settlement document changes in vegetation and land use from about 1200 BC to 1000 AD. Inspired by our glimpses of formerly healthy steppe vegetations, the Gordion Project is using plants as an aid for historical preservation and interpretation. "

Author(s):  Miller, Naomi
Format:  Presentation
Publisher:  The Oriental Instutute
Publication City:  Chicago
Date:  2009