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Traianos Gagos Obituary

"The Department of Classical Studies as well as the Hatcher Library has suffered an irreparable loss by the sudden and unexpected death of Traianos Gagos, Professor of Papyrology and Greek. He was snatched away at home by a fall down the stairs. His wife Gina Soter, his parents, his sister and other family members in Greece, his colleagues, students and friends, the Department, the Kelsey Museum, Hatcher Library, the broader communities of the College of LSA and the University, and the American Research Center in Amman, the American Society of Papyrology and the International Society of Papyrologists in Brussels, everyone in this incomplete list deeply feels this loss and wonders how life will continue without him..."

Author(s):  Koenen, Ludwig
Format:  Article
Publisher:  University of Michigan
Publication City:  Ann Arbor
Date:  2010