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Gender and Immortality: Heroines in Ancient Greek Myth and Cult

Full text online: * Acknowledgments * Note to the Reader * Abbreviations * Introduction * Chapter One: Heroines and Heroes * Chapter Two: Heroines and Mortals * Chapter Three: Mortals and Immortals * Chapter Four: Dionysiac Heroines * Chapter Five: The Goddess and Her Doubles o Appendix: Mythic Female Cult-Founders * Conclusion * Appendix: A Catalogue of Heroines * Bibliography

Author(s):  Lyons, Deborah
Format:  Book
Publisher:  Princeton University Press
Publication City:  Princeton
Date:  1996
Notes:  "Due to the limitations of HTML encoding and the difficulties of translating original typesetting files, the transliterations from classical Greek to the Latin alphabet which appear here are not only incomplete but also inconsistent. They are intended as no more than a very rough, approximate indication of the printed text, which should be consulted as the authoritative version. Extended passages of classical Greek are represented by graphic images scanned from the print edition. "