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Yose ben Yoezer and the Qumran Sectarians on Purity Laws: Agreement, Controversy and Encounter?

From the outset the Pharisees and the Qumran sectarians were concerned with the same problem of purities. Yose be Yoezer is the earliest Pharisaic figure who deals with halakhaic problems and four of his halakhot reflect Pharisaic law in the early Hasmonean period. It is significant that the Damascus Document, the Temple Scroll and the other fragments point in the same direction as the sources which deal with the early Pharisees. By juxtaposing these different pieces of evidence from the early days of the Pharisees and Qumran we can confirm the theory that purities were indeed the main issue which divided the Pharisees and the Qumran sect in the early Hasmonean period.

Author(s):  Regev, Eyal
Format:  Article
Date:  1998
Source:  The Orion Center for the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature