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Book Review: Stealing History. Tomb Raiders, Smugglers, and the Looting of the Ancient World. By Roger Atwood. New York, 2004. 337 pp., frontispiece, map, 27 photos. Clothbound with dust jacket. (ISBN 0-312-32406-5) $25.95

"[In] The following review by Dr. Alan Walker provides a counterpoint to the controversial assertions by Roger Atwood that have been highly touted and vigorously publicized by members of the archaeological community. Dr. Walker''s training in the field of classical archaeology (PhD, University of Pennsylvania) and his widely recognized expertise and experience as a professional numismatist bring to the table a unique understanding of the issues from differing perspectives. Dr. Walker is a member of the Ancient Coin Collectors Guild."

Author(s):  Walker, Alan
Format:  Book Review