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History Of Egypt, Chaldæa, Syria, Babylonia, And Assyria In The Light Of Recent Discovery

"The present volume contains an account of the most important additionswhich have been made to our knowledge of the ancient history of Egyptand Western Asia during the few years which have elapsed since thepublication of Prof. Maspero''s _Histoire Ancienne des Peuples del''Orient Classique_, and includes short descriptions of the excavationsfrom which these results have been obtained. It is in no sense aconnected and continuous history of these countries, for that hasalready been written by Prof. Maspero, but is rather intended as anappendix or addendum to his work, briefly recapitulating and describingthe discoveries made since its appearance. On this account wehave followed a geographical rather than a chronological system ofarrangement, but at the same time the attempt has been made to suggestto the mind of the reader the historical sequence of events..."

Author(s):  Hall, H. R.; King, L. W
Format:  Book
Publisher:  Project Gutenberg
Source:  Project Gutenberg
Volume Info:  Release #17321 (2005-12-16)