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"Modell Ägypten": Adoption von Innovationen im Mesopotamien des 3. Jahrtausends v. Chr.: Inauguraldissertation der Philosophisch-historischen Fakultat der Universitat Bern zur Erlangung des Doktorwurde...

During the 3rd millenium BC cultural innovations, first and foremost, the "Beterstatuen" or the "Weihplatten", the deification of kings and further elements hitherto unknown to religious practice, political ideology and iconography are introduced to Mesopotamia. Any attempts at identifying local antecedents to these innovations or outlining an evolution of these elements within Mesopotamian culture have remained unconvincing. Outside of Mesopotamia, however, the culture of Old Kingdom Egypt does provide continuous documentation for the fruition of these specific cultural elements. The diffusion and adaptation of such elements from Egypt to Mesopotamia is the topic of this study.

Author(s):  Kaelin, Oskar
Format:  Book
Publication City:  Bern
Date:  2005