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Ancient music : bibliography

From Intute: "Compiled by Timothy J. Moore of the Department of Classics, University of Texas at Austin, this ancient music bibliography is a themed online bibliography (which, at the time of reviewing, had last been updated in 2008) that lists books and papers, of relevance to the classics or music student, interested in the study of music from Ancient Greece or Rome. Specific sections cover various elements of music making, including: singing and speaking; the voice; rhythm; and musical instruments, such as strings, auloi/tibiae, extant pipes, auletai/tibicines, and kroupezai/scabellum. There are also sections on music on: the Greek and Roman stage; Livy VII.2, the origins of Roman theatre, and the performance of 'cantica'; Plautus and Terence; music in art; dance; music, education and ethics; the Carmina Convivalia; and Byzantine music. The majority of the works listed here are written in English, although there are several in German, French and Italian."

Author(s):  Moore, Timothy J
Format:  Article