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The Scandal of the Century: The Mansoor Amarna Exposé

"The Scandal of the Century - The Mansoor Amarna Exposé is the factual story of The Mansoor Amarna Collection. The controversy over this collection involves Egyptologists, scientists, and museums from around the world. Ms. Mansoor wrote this book to expose the unscholarly and tyrannical control that a few scholars have on the art world and our perception of the shape of past civilizations. The public should be made aware of their influence, indicates the author, so that some protection is established for our ancient heritage. This exposé concerns a collection of 106 limestone sculptures and fragments, dating from circa 1350 B.C., representing the beautiful Queen Nefertiti, King Akhenaten, and their family. The author''s family has spent over forty years fighting to prove the authenticity of their collection. The author points out that they wouldn''t have wasted their time and energy on that fight if they weren''t absolutely sure of the authenticity of their sculptures. A former associate producer of a top network news feature TV show, the author brings her considerable skills at investigative reporting, research and writing to bear on this report."

Author(s):  Mansoor, Christine
ISBN:  0-8062-4976-5