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Assessment of Deterioration in Archaeological Wood from Ancient Egypt

"Archaeological wood from many different ancient Egyptian tombsand diverse areas along the Nile Valley was examined to identify thetype of deterioration present and to evaluate the current conditionof the wood. Three different forms of degradation were identified(...) soft rot and brown rot fungal decay and a nonbiological form ofdeterioration (...) knowledge of these different degradation processesand the resulting condition of the wood provide important informationthat can now be used for developing appropriate conservation andrestoration procedures."

Author(s):  Blanchette, Robert A., John E. Haight, Robert J. Koestler, Pamela B. Hatchfield, & Dorothea Arnold
Format:  Article
Source:  The Journal of the American Institute for Conservation
Volume Info:  1994
Volume:  33
Number:  1
Pages:  55-70